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GRIT. Truus de Groot in New York City is a photo book with previously unpublished photographs by musician, crackle box player, and electro pioneer Truus de Groot (a.o. Nasmak, Plus Instruments), made between 1981 and 1989 in her hometown New York City.


Truus de Groot documented her environment with a simple point-and-shoot camera: decades-old neon signs, street vendors, and graffiti tags. The book has the feel and intimacy of a private photo album, offering a glimpse into the life of Truus as a young musician in a raw but inspiring city.

* 44 glorious pages, incl. 32 never before published photographs and a full-quote interview with Truus de Groot about her life in NYC.

* Photo pages printed on Biotop; text Riso printed on RecyStar; poster & wrapper Riso printed on Muncken.

* Includes a reproduction of a NYC Plus Instruments poster. 

* Includes a wrapper, Riso printed in Burgundy. Pattern from Truus' collection of vintage wrapping papers.

* Packed in a brown paper bag for added grit.


Editorial design by Lula Valletta, printing & binding by Stencilwerck, The Hague.

Price: € 27,50

Free shipping in NL 

Special edition (only 25 copies!) with signed & numbered photo print of Truus' favorite neon sign by night (you find a daytime shot in the book) + Riso printed wrapper in Faux CMYK: € 45,-

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